This is the national South Asian dance strand that provides training in Bharatanatyam or Kathak styles for young people living across England. ‘Yuva Gati’, meaning ‘Youth Movement’ was launched in January 2009 in partnership with Sampad Arts.

Our Centre for Advanced Dance Training Yuva Gati programme provides intensive dance training to young people who have passion in dance and have potential to develop it further as part of their broad and balanced education. It is aimed at young dancers who are in the age group of 11 to 16 years, although they can continue training up to the age of 18. The programme enables them to realise their talent and make informed choices about their future involvement in dance and equip themselves with the necessary skills for professional dance training and/or further education.

Yuva Gati is a year-round programme where the weekly training is provided by the ‘Home Tutor’ during the school term time and the Intensive training is provided during the three half-term (2 days each), Easter (4 days) and Summer holidays (5 days) by the Yuva Gati teachers and invited guest artist.

As part of their commitment to the programme, all the Yuva Gati students are expected to learn their chosen style of dance (Bharatanatyam or Kathak) with a dance tutor in their town or city, who are called the ‘Home Tutor’.

Each strand of the training has a curriculum and a training delivery plan that has been devised by the Yuva Gati Team. The delivery team consists of the Yuva Gati Director, Teaching Assistants, Health and Fitness Professionals and Guest Artists.

Students are selected in the programme via two-stage audition process. Their selection is based on their passion and commitment to dance, potential to develop, enthusiasm, stamina, creativity and ability to follow their tutor’s instructions. It is important that they are supported by their parents and home tutors.

The four key elements to the Yuva Gati curriculum are:

Classical technique

Repertoire and choreography

Performance enhancement

Body awareness

These elements are the same for both the Kathak and the Bharatanatyam strands.

Auditions for our 2017-18 programme shall be held at DanceXchange on the following dates:

Bharatanatyam: Saturday 1 July 2017

Kathak: Sunday 2 July 2017

Pre-registration is essential, please send your expression of interest to by 23 June 2017