‘The Big Idea’

Following an open call-out which attracted over 40 ‘Big Ideas’ from artists and choreographers, DanceXchange is delighted to announce that it has commissioned and will be producing two thrilling new outdoor shows designed to bring dance to the city streets during IDFB 2016.

Zoie Golding (Artistic Director of ZoieLogic Dance Theatre) will create RIDE, and Corey Baker (Artistic Director of Corey Baker Dance) will create PHONE BOX, during the fifth edition of the month-long, biennial dance festival- a signature festival of world dance that is now firmly established in the City of Birmingham’s cultural calendar.

RIDE, is a brand new, innovative work that tells the story of three strangers hitch-hiking on an unknown path. Their journey is entwined around an iconic, custom built car that comes to life and reveals its own hidden surprises. RIDE will test man’s reliance on machine in a world of unpredictability as dance, mechanics and stunts collide in ZoieLogic’s narrative, contemporary dance theatre piece.

Corey Baker, one of DanceXchange’s associate artists and International Choreographer in Residence during IDFB 2014, will create PHONE BOX, a light hearted, joyful work that uses impressive acrobatic and physical movement featuring ballet and contemporary dance.   DanceXchange is delighted that Without Walls, a consortium of leading outdoor arts festivals collaborating to break new ground in the creation of extraordinary outdoor work in the UK, are co-commissioning PHONE BOX alongside IDFB 2016.

PHONE BOX brings to life a nostalgic British cultural icon, the phone box, and allows people to see everyday life differently as audiences will laugh and amazed at what they see. Corey Baker Dance has a reputation for creating ground-breaking outdoor work, including Headphones during IDFB2014 and Kapa Haka Tale at Birmingham Weekender.

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For pictures and more information, please contact Libby Aldrich at libby.aldrich@dancexchange.org.uk