Birmingham-based blogger Kat has written a great post on her ‘Kats blog of Stuff‘ about our classes and recent revived love of Swing Dance!

‘…..I’m quite into dancing. Whether it’s in the kitchen, at a festival or in classes, I am all over that. Dance is fun, there’s no set rules and you can do it alone or with your besties or with a whole load of strangers enjoying the same music.

I was meant to go to Street Dance, and I tried really hard, but just got there too late. It’s a popular class, and so they were all booked up when I turned up. So, determined to do some kind of dance, I asked if there were other classes starting at the same time. Reader, there were. Lo and behold, Swing Dance beginners was about to start and would I be interested in joining that class?

Yes, yes I would. I love swing dance and am pretty evangelical about how great it is. So yes,   I was gonna go learn how to lead in a beginners class. And it was so good. Big class, lovely instructor and fantastic people in the class with me.

Thanks to DanceXchange, I can indulge my passion for dance easily and cheaply, and I am so excited to actually be able to keep up my swing ability. if you’re in the Brum area and looking for a new hobby, why not check out their classes? Bet you find something you like.’

Read Kat’s full blog post here!