Rudi Cole & Júlia Robert Parés (Humanhood) / DX Associates / @humanhoodance

What does being dx associates mean for you both? 

Being DX associate means to collaborate with a team of professionals supporting our work as artists and working together for the growth of Humanhood as a company. To make an impact in Birmingham’s dance ecology that will expand Nationally and Internationally.

What are you planning to develop during your time at dx?

We plan to develop ourselves as artists and choreographers continuing to work with local and international artists researching into physics, human consciousness & Eastern philosophies and creating high quality work that challenges & inspires human beings from all backgrounds around the World. We look very much forward to develop Humanhood’s first group piece ‘Torus’, anticipated to be premiered in Spring 2019 at the Patrick Centre. Also, we plan to develop HumanhoodPractice, the movement application of the company, together with musicians and sound artist to evolve the sound & movement journey. We look forwards to continue developing our relationship with Humanhood Core Collaborators Horne Horneman (light designer), Iain Armstrong (sound artist) and Mark Howard (costume designer) and welcome new collaborations with inspiring and open minded artists. We are curious to see our relationship with physics & astrophysics grow, together with Birmingham University as well as start new links with world leading research centres like CERN. Also, we intent to challenge all this by developing international exchanges with Eastern artists and cultures, submerging ourselves in their philosophy, art and way of living. During these two years, we plan to develop the structure of our organisation establishing a strong foundation to support the future development of Humanhood.

Where do you see yourself/company at the end of your appointment with dx?

  • Inside the group of internationally recognised companies based in the UK

  • Performances attended by critically acclaimed artists and being reviewed by the most influential arts critics

  • A brand new production ‘Torus’ with plans for developing a new piece

  • A group of International partners. For collaborations, residencies, performance and teaching opportunities

  • Looking into future collaborations with dx

Tell us about you and your company

Humanhood is an exciting new company based in Birmingham, founded in 2015 by Rudi Cole and Júlia Robert Parés. The company exists to create thoughtful productions that merged energy shifting light-sound-movement evoking an extraordinary experience for the audiences. The research behind Humanhood’s creations resides in our curiosity for physics, human consciousness and Eastern philosophies. Humanhood’s repertoire includes Without Walls Consortium commissioned outdoor duet ‘Orbis’ and full length theatre production ‘ZERO’, 1st Prize Winner at Madrid’s International Choreography Competition Pasoa2. Humanhood practice is the ongoing movement research of Artistic Directors Rudi & Julia developed alongside original sound scapes. Workshops of Humanhood practice are also delivered with live musicians and surround sound. Humanhood aims to challenge the audience state of mind and preconceptions of reality.

Dream collaboration?

Cai Guo-Qiang

Tell us about your first dance experience?

Being in the womb of our mothers

Favourite dance video of all time?