Yuva Gati

Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi & Odissi

Yuva Gati, meaning ‘Youth Movement’ was launched in January 2009 by DanceXchange as the national South Asian dance strand of the CAT programme in partnership with Sampad Arts and Heritage.

Auditions are now open for our September 2021 intake / Click here for 2021 YUVA GATI audition dates

CAT Yuva Gati provides intensive, creative and holistic training to young people in Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi and Odissi styles. The programme is for committed and passionate young dancers who have the desire and potential to nurture their talent as part of their broad and balanced education.

“Yuva Gati has been life changing for me…meeting various artists has provided me with inspiration to improve myself and interacting with them has given me a better understanding of what it’s like becoming a professional dancer.”     Sundaresan Ramesh

Aimed at the ages of 11 to 16 years, although training can continue to the age of 18, the programme enables talented dancers to fulfil their maximum potential, make informed choices about their future involvement with dance and equip them with confidence, discipline and transferrable skills for professional dance training or further education.

“My experience at CAT has really shaped me as a dancer, and influenced my attitude towards dance. It allowed me to understand the many opportunities available to me through dance.”   Anakha Jacobs

Our Yuva Gati Team is led by Shane Shambhu with an incredible team of professional artists Mira Balachandran Gokul, Sooraj Subramaniam, Anuradha Chaturvedi Seth, Archita Kumar and Parbati Chaudhury along with a wide variety of nationally and internationally recognised guest artists and tutors. Through building a supportive and nurturing learning environment young talent will focus and grow through the primary aspects of the Yuva Gati programme:

  • Body Knowledge: Anatomy & Body Conditioning
  • Music Knowledge: Ragam, Talam & Composition
  • Abhinaya & Poetry: Facial, Gestural & Textual Clarity (Stemming from Emotions)
  • Nritta & Stamina: Technique & Performance Enhancement
  • Design & Production: Understanding Performance
  • Creative Development: Creative & Independent Thinking
  • Repertoire: Application Of Training

Development in these key areas raises the quality of dancing and performance ability of students and extends to their everyday lives and education by

  • Building discipline and rigour through deepened understanding of their artform
  • Improving physical well-being through heightened body awareness
  • Strengthening determination and will-power through a sense of accomplishment
  • Boosting confidence through performance opportunities

Weekly training is provided by the ‘Home Tutor’ during school term time in their town or city. The Intensive training is provided during half-term/end of term breaks (October, February, April, June and Summer holidays). The Home Tutors work closely with the Yuva Gati Artistic Team with regular communication ensuring that each individual receives valuable feedback and has continued and connected development and attention throughout the year. As part of a student’s commitment to the programme, it is important that they are supported by their parents and home tutors.

Students are selected in the programme via a two-stage audition process.

Their selection is based on their passion and commitment to dance, potential to develop as a high-quality performer, creativity and the ability to follow and deliver tutor’s instructions clearly.


What other people say

CADT has opened up the world of dance for me, and allowed me to see myself in it!

Dance Generation student