Dance Generation


Dance Generation is a high-quality training programme in Contemporary dance for 11-18-year-olds in the West Midlands to regularly access whilst still attending mainstream school.

Auditions are now open for our September intake / Click here for 2021 Dance Generation audition dates .

Dance Generation balances technical training with creative workshops, ensuring students reach their potential and experience a varied dance training programme. The curriculum for the programme is delivered through weekly training sessions on Sundays during term time at our studios here at DanceXchange. Students will get the opportunity to be taught by leading professional artists and companies in both technique sessions and creative workshops. Dance Generation is led by Artistic Associate, Kerry Nicholls.

Click here for 2021 Dance Generation audition dates 

Training Days

A usual training day consists of a warm-up, usually Yoga or Pilates, a Ballet technique class, a Contemporary technique class and a creative workshop or choreographic session. Sometimes students will get the opportunity to learn different genres, collaborate with other students from our Yuva Gati (South Asian) strand and learn about anatomy and health. We try to find a balanced and varied programme where possible.

  • Ballet and Contemporary technique: Young people receive a regular Contemporary and Ballet class at each training session where they develop their technique, body awareness, approach to dance and safe practice.
  • Creative workshops: Students have worked with a number of national and international artists for creative sessions such as Gary Clarke, Alexander Whitley,  Lea Anderson, Rosie Kay, Fred Gehrig, Regina Wielingen.
  • Performance opportunities: Students will get the opportunity to perform 2 – 3 times a year to enhance their performance experience and complement their training. In addition to this, there is a summer intensive, which combines students from both Yuva Gati and Dance Generation and culminates in an exciting performance in a professional venue. This is a great way to end the term and allows students to transfer the skills they have acquired and developed over the course of the term, into a performance. It also gives students the opportunity to team up with and learn from students from other dance disciplines.
  • Theatre visits: We arrange a theatre trip to broaden our students’ awareness of the diverse range of contemporary dance companies and styles.  Theatre trips are normally complemented by a workshop given by dancers from the performing company.

Individual Training Plans

Each participant has an Individual Training Plan devised in consultation with parents/ guardian and local dance teacher to support the student’s learning, and ensure a balance is maintained between the demands of school work and dance studies. This also allows dancers to reach their potential throughout their time on the programme.

What other people say

The chance to learn unique ways of moving.

Dance Generation student

I knew I wanted to pursue a career in dance and believed CADT would be the ideal programme to support my future.

Dance Generation graduate and current student at Northern School of Contemporary Dance