Robert Farley & Sarah Kelly

Swing Dance Tutors

With backgrounds in martial arts and occupational therapy we have always gravitated to “out of the box” styles of teaching.

We both enjoy introducing new students to the passion of the swing dance world with their particular favourites lindy hop and balboa.

A challenge is always a temptation and after catching the lindy bug with the lovely Frankie Jaffey we decided to enter JazzJiveSwing strictly charity Christmas ball after only 10 months of education! Placing first and finding out that James, Anita, Bridget and Roman were only 45 minutes away provided the last tiny piece of incentive to seek out the JazzJiveSwing experience.

We qualified from JazzJiveSwing teacher training summer 2014 and haven’t looked back.  We both maintain our eternal student status and our life long commitment to meeting great teachers and new faces, all while having a blooming “rip roaring time!”