Clelia Furlan

Clelia was born and raised in North-eastern Italy, where she took ballet classes for ten years as well as practising classical music and theatre alongside her academic studies. She moved to the U.K. in 2013 to study Philosophy at Cambridge and later Philosophy and the Arts at Warwick.

Her professional experience includes a Marketing internship at Warwick Arts Centre, a six-month stint as an Outreach Worker at the Lanchester Interactive Archive at Coventry University, and freelance duty management for Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art.

In addition to her work with DanceXchange, Clelia is a Research Executive at Earthen Lamp, a consultancy which provides analysis, research and evaluation for cultural and artistic organisations across the West Midlands; she also collaborates with Beatfreeks on artistic events and initiatives aimed at young people. Other than that, Clelia spend considerable amounts of time reading, cooking and visiting her friends who live all over the world!