Ana Garcia

Ana was born in Valdepeñas Spain and started dancing at an early age when she attended classes at her local dance school. 1983-1990- Ana took her exams in Classical Ballet and Spanish dance at the Malaga Conservatoire, Ana achieved outstanding exam results and went on to make a career in Flamenco. She continued studying in Spain’s leading centres of modern Flamenco in Madrid, Seville and Jerez with some of the great names including Maria Magdalena, Ciro, Adrian Galia, Rafaela Carrasco, Belen Fernandez, Belen Maya, and Eva La Yerbabuena.

Since moving to England in 1993, Ana has been teaching, performing and choreographing successfully throughout the UK and has a wealth of experience working with adults and children at professional level, as well as in community and educational settings. She has also been a regular guest teacher at Birmingham University (drama & dance department), in Chester, London, Banbury, Gloucester, Bristol, Nottingham, Derby and Birmingham. Ana is in great demand as a teacher and as a performer and is noted for her ability to help non-dancers communicate and express their creative abilities through dance and body movement, drawing on a rich cultural mix of Flamenco, classical, modern and other ‘world’ dance traditions.