Hi, I’m Neena and this week I did my work experience at DanceXchange hoping to gain some knowledge about the background of dance and the shows.  I’m in year 11 at Our Lady and St Chads Catholic Academy and outside of education I dance in Zoonation Youth Company and Next of kin Wolverhampton. Me and the crew I dance with are current hip hop/street dance World champions and British champions.



I first got here and was introduced to Simeon who gave me a very friendly welcome. He started the day by giving me a tour around the Hippodrome and DanceXchange, telling me where everything is. He then got on by giving me a fire drill/tour. He showed me what to do if there was a fire and also covered health and safety around DX. Next he took me into the office and introduced me to everyone who were all very lovely to me.

After I got settled in I helped Rez on the desk collect people’s fees for classes and got taught how to put everything on the system. After this I did a few social media posts whilst doing some research on DanceXchange and answering some questions about it. I posted a few promotions on the DX social medias about the DX Summer school.


On Wednesday I came into the office and carried on with some research about DX and the different things it has to offer. I then got asked to create a diary of the different classes DX has on over the holidays which was enjoyable because I got to learn about some of the different classes DanceXchange has to offer which I didn’t know about.

Simeon then told me to research about the festival from last year before having a meeting about artist development and what that has to offer. I got to find out what people in artist development do which was very interesting. I learnt how they are in charge of finding different performers to dance at the events they hold and how big their role is in the team.

When I came back from lunch I carried on doing more research and then got asked to design a word cloud for something DanceXchange is working on. It was cool to find out how to do it and be involved in a bit of the designing aspect of it.


When I came in on Thursday I went to sit in a morning class. It was very fun to watch as I got to learn some new things from the class (although I didn’t join in) and got to film some videos for future social media posts. When I came out of the class I carried on with the diary full of class dates for the next year.

Next, after I finished lunch I came back and had a meeting with Simeon and he had asked me to create a proposal about how we can help save the environment in the next DX Festival in 2020. He gave me some ideas of what the festival would be about and then gave me some ways to write my proposal and set it out, as I’ve never had to do that before. I started on that and did that until my day was over.


On Friday I came in and sat at the front desk with Simeon to collect peoples class payments. I got to work the computer and log everyone’s payments and their names. Once this was finished me and Simeon started testing out some mic equipment that they have which was fun to do. When we finished packing this up I then went into the studio to film some dance videos and take some pictures for their social media.

When I finished this I spent some more time on my proposal before going to lunch. Then when I came back I read it through and then printed it off to give to Simeon. Once I had done this I went into the studio again to film some more videos and had a jam. Once I’d finished I went to have a meeting with Simeon and he talked me through my proposal and how I could make it better. Once he’d done this I edited the proposal and finished it.


My time here at DanceXchange has been so fun and I’ve loved every part of it. I have been given lots of experience and memories with people I hope to see again. A huge thank you to everyone who had made it memorable.