Professional Class

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These classes are also open to vocational second and third-year dance students. All classes take place at DanceXchange Studios, change of location will be noted otherwise.

Thursdays/ 10-11.30am / £6

25 Apr / Marcia Edwards – Marcia Edwards will be delivering a class that builds core strength and stamina. Using the techniques of Martha Graham’s contraction and release exercises, Marcia allows dancers to go back to basics and really think about how to use their body while dancing. Freedom to move with elements of control is important and this class gives dancers the chance to engage mentally and physically. From floorwork to standing exercises and travelling, Marcia aims to energise, inspire and develop dancers who want to maintain or enhance what they have. Where does your movement come from? How can it be nurtured? How do you take your movement to the next level?

2 May / TBC

A new programme of classes offering contemporary practice for advanced level and professional dancers will be launched in the first week of May 2019. Please check back for full details.

9 May / Nikki & JD – We usually teach a mixture of individual acrobatic movements such as handstand technique and tinsicas, alongside partner and group acrobatics that can readily be integrated into choreography.  Our aim is to encourage participants to understand the basics of good technique, e.g. handstand alignment while exploring some of the different ways in which they can use each others bodies to lift, hold and move over each other.

Additional tutors will be confirmed shortly.


First Time? If you’d like to attend one of our classes, just turn up on the day. You don’t need to book a place or let us know you’re coming.

What should I wear? Anything comfortable that lets you move freely. You can wear tracksuit bottoms, leggings, t-shirts, and vests to most classes

15-minute rule: You won’t be allowed to join a class if you’re more than 15 minutes late. This is because you’ll have missed the warm-up, which increases your chance of injury.

Accessibility: We aim to make our classes accessible to everyone. Please call to discuss any support you might need.

16+ Dancers: We’ve extended adult classes to welcome 16 and 17-year-olds working at advanced levels. This is subject to agreement with the class tutor.

We’re on hand six days a week. Got a question – contact us on 0121 689 3170 or


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