DeNada Dance Theatre

Mariposa: a Transgender Tragedy Inspired by Puccini’s Madame Butterfly  

Under the neon lights of a distant Caribbean port, a local rent boy and a foreign sailor fall ominously in love, in choreographer Carlos Pons Guerra’s reimagining of Puccini’s seminal opera, Madame Butterfly.

MARIPOSA is an operatic dance-drama that transports Puccini’s Orientalist libretto to post-revolution Cuba, to a dockland world of faded showgirls, hopeful rent boys, troubled sailors, and santeria spirits.  Engulfed in a tropical storm of repressed desires, this brand new production is a passionate and deeply moving exploration of what we are ready to sacrifice in order to be loved and accepted.  

Set to an original score by Spanish composer Luis Miguel Cobo, which takes its inspiration from Caribbean sounds as well as Puccini, with libretto by French-Indian writer Karthika Nair and designs by Ryan Laight. DeNada Dance Theatre is a UK Critic’s Circle National Dance Awards 2019 nominee in the category of Best Independent Company.  

Mariposa has been commissioned by Birmingham Dance Hub and Spin Arts, with further support from DanceXchange and The British Council. 


Trailer of DeNada’s previous work TORO: