Boys Experience Day

in partnership with Ascension Dance Company

Join us for a very special online open day for passionate young male-identifying dancers in partnership with Coventry-based Ascension Dance Company. Exploring movement and learning new skills. 

This day will take place online via zoom and you can expect fun icebreakers, exciting physical workshops and engaging creative tasks, dynamic exercises and impressive new skills.

Our Experience Day will take place online via zoom and you can expect:

  • fun icebreakers
  • exciting physical workshops
  • engaging creative tasks
  • dynamic exercises
  • and the opportunity to learn impressive new skills

The day will be led by Ashley and Ben (Ascension Dance) and Sara (Centre for Advanced Training tutor) and you can expect elements of contemporary, freerunning, parkour and breakin’.

Join us in channelling your energy into creativity and focus through group activity, games, and movement.

If you would like to attend – please return a completed CAT and Ascension Workshop Form, where a Zoom link will be sent to the email provided.

Please note places are limited so they will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

We are also running non-gendered CAT open day also available – find out more here.