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Join DX tutors at home for an exclusive series of FREE 30-min beginner level online classes aimed at primary school children aged 4-11 via Facebook. Classes will premiere live at 4pm and will be available after the class for families to enjoy in their own time.


  • Thurs 21 May / 4pm – Ballet with Laura Tye

The class will be fun and relaxed, we will start holding onto the back of a chair or a ballet barre and then progress into the centre. Working on basic ballet technique and then moving on to more advanced techniques used when turning, ’spotting’.

  • Thurs 28 May / 4pm – Street Dance with Aaron ‘Shin’ Duncan

Bounce, Rock and Groove out with shintastic as he takes you through some challenging hip hop moves and skills. Get your energy levels up! This one will have you sweating while having fun in the comfort of your home.

  • Thurs 4 June / 4pm – Yoga with Sophie Rey


  • Thurs 11 June / 4pm  – Pop Party with Olivia Jones

A fun and vibrant session learning dances to your favourite pop tunes, expect some cool party moves fused with Jazz dance techniques.


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