Cuban Salsa Beginners

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Adult Beginners

Learn the basic steps, style, and sass of Cuban-salsa, and try out other related styles, such as Rumba and Reggaeton. Suitable for beginners, this fun and energetic class will introduce you to the deeply cultural rhythms and techniques of Cuban-salsa dance, including footwork, body isolation, and musicality in movement.

The class will include both partner dancing, and suelta salsa, dancing solo — making this a diverse and accessible class that doesn’t require you bring a partner, but is always enjoyed with friends!

First Time? If you’d like to attend one of our classes, just turn up on the day. You don’t need to book a place or let us know you’re coming.

What should I wear? Anything comfortable that lets you move freely. You can wear tracksuit bottoms, leggings, t-shirts and vests to most classes.

15-minute rule: You won’t be allowed to join a class if you’re more than 15 minutes late. This is because you’ll have missed the warm-up, which increases your chance of injury.

Concessions: You can get a concession if you’re over 60, on income support, or in full-time education. Please note, you will need proof of ID.

Accessibility: We aim to make our classes accessible to everyone. Please call to discuss any support you might need.

16+ Dancers: We’ve extended adult classes to welcome 16 and 17-year-olds working at advanced levels. This is subject to agreement with the class tutor.

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