Corey Baker Dance / DX Associates

What does being a dx associate mean for you?

It is wonderful to be able to continue developing as an artist in Birmingham and creating work for eclectic people of Birmingham. Without DanceXchange’s support and nurturing this wouldn’t be possible. DanceXchange have played a pivotal role in my development as an artist and wouldn’t be creating the work I am today without them.

What are you planning to develop during your time at dx?

We are currently developing several major projects. All to do with climate change and imaging our future world affected by it. This will see Corey create the first dance work in Antarctica after a month long residency in the icy continent. Leading onto creation of  a new dance film, a feature documentary, a new live dance work and a new major ballet commission.

Where do you see yourself/company at the end of your appointment with dx?

The projects we have planned and are working towards during this appointment are purposely devised to step us into a new light and direction. We very much see the work throughout this period to enable us to be able to work more frequently across theatre, film and tv.

Tell us about you and your company

Corey Baker Dance has a track record of creating highly engaging shows with attractive production values, that tackle important subjects. British-New Zealand choreographer Corey Baker – the ‘Bear Grylls of dance’ has taken dance off the stage and into new unusual settings including festivals, phone boxes, trampolines and stadium venues for the Rugby World Cup. Corey has also worked in dance film, most recently producing and directing Fat Freddy’s Drop new music video and Royal Ballet soloist William Bracewell. He has the ability to flip from making work for high profile companies such as Royal New Zealand Ballet to bringing accessible dance to council estates in Hull. Corey is about dance and art for all. He has ambitious projects in the pipeline including work for TV, film, theatres and festivals.

Dream collaboration?

Crystal Pite –  Wes Anderson – Beyoncé (you can’t make me choose between these people)

Tell us about your first dance experience?

When I was 7 I saw my first show. It was free, in a big park and brought to life the world of Sinbad. I was transfixed on the characters, the heightened reality in my own reality, the props, set, gadgets everything. Ever since this day I have been trying to recreate that magical feeling I had for myself and for my audiences.

Favourite dance video of all time?