Charis and Molly from Birmingham Ormiston Academy have been on work experience placements with us all this week, here’s what they have been getting up to so far:

‘Both of us have been dancing a wide range of styles from a very young age. We have a strong passion for dance and we wanted to learn more. When the time came to apply for work experience, DanceXchange came to mind as it offers multiple dance opportunities that, in the past, we have been a part of.

On the first day (Monday) we started by talking about what this week would have in store for us. We then talked to Sue, Accounts Manager  about the finance department and what they deal with to help DanceXchange run smoothly. This involved invoices, accounts, budgeting and how the money is spent. After this Simeon, Admin Assistant were given a tour of DanceXchange and the Hippodrome. We got to see backstage and all the ins and out of the DanceXchange building. In the afternoon Linda, Strategic Director, gave us an overall briefing of how DX operates, how they advertise, partnerships they have, and plans for future events. To end the day, we spoke to Kavita, Operations Manager, about how she deals with studio hire and the communication with artists who use the studios. All of these talks really opened our eyes to what DanceXchange does behind the scenes. It’s made us aware of how they are able to offer such great quality classes and performances to the public.

Tuesday morning, we worked with Linda Z on reception and helped with setting up the studios. We were able to deal with the cash paid by dancers and class participants. Linda taught us how to digitally register the money and at the end we made sure all the cash in the till totaled to the same as the amount on the screen. After our lunch break we talked with Clare, Executive Director, and Husne, Development Manager, about the fundraising and development department. This included where the funding and donations came from, and how they apply for the funds. We were then given a chance to match which Donors would be most suitable to apply for with different projects DX are planning. Doing more practical work gave us an insight into what a working day would be like at DX.

At the start of our day on Wednesday we talked to Libby, Marketing Manager, about what the marketing team do to keep DX well-advertised. We then met with Zara, Marketing Officer, and went round the Hippodrome updating flyers to make people aware of the upcoming performances in the Patrick Centre. Zara and Libby talked about what thought processes they have to go through when advertising DX classes and performances.’