Artists In Residence 2020


In response to the current Covid 19 lock down, DanceXchange is pleased to bring you a curated online programme of works, discourse and provocation to give audiences an insight into the process and mind or the creator, brought to you by our 2020 Artists in Residence.  Visit here for full details.


Carlos Pons Guerra (DeNada Dance Theatre) / Working in ballet, contemporary dance and theatre, and always with adoration for kitsch, melodrama and high camp, Carlos creates work that explores gender, cultural and sexual identity, trying to entertain, move and provoke thought through emotionally motivated movement, narrative and theatricality. Carlos Pons Guerra, who has created four internationally touring productions for the company, DeNada takes a unique place in the UK dance scene as an ensemble representing Hispanic culture as well as calling for LGBTQ+ and gender equality.  

What will you be working on as part of your residency? “I will be developing a new work that explores the relationship between British tourists and Spanish beaches- something I’ve experienced from a young age, coming from Gran Canaria! I am really interested in that cross-cultural encounter between people in a place where we are almost naked as is the beach.”



Jamaal Burkmar (Extended Play) / Jamaal and Extended Play re-evaluate their practice with a focus on creating new works that are accessible for new audiences. Jamaal was selected to be a fellow by the Leeds Dance Partnership under Phoenix Dance Theatre’s support and tutelage. Also this year Jamaal has been commissioned by Tom Dale Dance Company, Mobius Dance. Jamaal has also been able to work on commercial projects that have garnered millions of views online whilst also creating new work in different spaces with a focus on accessible music. 

What will you be working on as part of your residency? I’m making my first full evening! I’ve been working towards this for years, slowly working on my relationship to movement and composition. Now with a story, I want to tell, I’m really excited to be supported by the DanceXchange to make it a reality.”





Johnny Autin (Autin Dance Theatre) /  An established Dance Artist & Choreographer based in Birmingham (UK)working internationally as a performer and choreographer. I am the Creative Director of award-winning Autin Dance Theatre (est. 2013) a collaborative and project-based organisation producing engaging artistic performances that provide an extensive learning and participation programme. My choreographic process is always influenced by socio-political statements and engaged towards positive, empowering and inspiring messages to our audiences. 

What will you be working on as part of your residency? “I am interested in researching and developing an ambitious site-specific piece with large puppet operated by 5 puppeteers and one dancer. The idea is to choreograph a largerthanlife ‘pas de deux’ and to choreograph this duet as if they were both real-life contemporary dancers.” 


Roberta Jean / Roberta trained as a dancer at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance and then widened her research field to explore historical and international performance practice, completing an MA in Performance Making at Goldsmiths.  Her choreography is centred around poetics and is often underpinned by anthropological research.  Roberta was nominated for the Total Theatre Dance Award in 2018. She is a 2019 finalist at Aesthetica Short Film Festival, and at New Renaissance Film Festival.

What will you be working on as part of your residency?  Working with a team of dancers, artists, creative technologists, and psychologists, I will explore cross-disciplinary artistic practice in an attempt to translate certain aspects of psychedelic therapy. Scientists and psychologists across the world are making the case for psychedelics to be legalised in controlled settings and medicinal contexts to enable us to treat depression, addiction, trauma, PTSD, and fear of death in relation to the end of life care.


Shane Shambhu (Altered Skin)/ The company blends together all my performance experiences including Bharatanatyam, contemporary dance, theatre, writing and a wide range of other artistic disciplines. The company has grown and discovered its unique brand of humour and Indian-dance derived physical theatre merging art forms and cultures from global perspectives to entertain, educate and empower. 

What will you be working on as part of your residency? I am exploring the translatioof Bharatanatyam to non-Bharatanatyam trained bodies leading to an authentic hybridised movement language furthering my Bharatanatyam-derived physical theatre language. Through choreographic explorations driven by the emotional and narrative aspects of Bharatanatyam, my research will try and capture the dramatic content within the themes of my new work ‘Invisible Lines’.